Famous or well-known people who have lived in the village of Shere or in the surrounding villages in the Tillingbourne Valley.

Sir Henry Cole – Worked with Rowland Hill and part responsible for design/introduction of the Penny Black, also introduced first commercial Christmas card – became first Director of what became the Victoria and Albert Museum. Lived at Seaforth Cottage

W M Thackeray -   author, wrote part of the Virginians whilst staying with Henry Cole

William Hyde – book illustrator and friend of Hilaire Belloc, illustrating Lime Walk in Belloc’s the Old Road. lived at Sayers.

The Misses Malthus – owned Pound House and then Workshop Cottage. Related sisters(?) to Thomas Robert Malthus economist, and population fame, who was Curate at Wotton.

The Misses Spottiswoods – donated the well to the Village

Lady Arthur Russel donated the swimming pool to the community

Sir Arthur Pearson – founder of the Daily Express, among other publications, and founded St Dunstans Home for the Blind - lived at Round Down, Colekitcken Lane for a period

Bray family

Flight Lieutenant John Vere Hopgood DFC pilot with 617 squadron RAF who flew on the famous dams raid.

Prunella Scales

Timothy West

Ernest Read music/conductor

JM Barrie author

Henry Marriott-Watson novelist

Charles Darwin scientist

Percy Lloyd photographer

Sir Edwin Lutyens architect

Helen Allingham artist

Peter Ustinov actor

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novelist

Charles Laughton actor

Elsie Lanchester actor

Andre Previn music/conductor lived at Pantry's for a while

Charles Goodwin Norton pioneer cinematographer

Admiral Nicholas Hunt

Chris Williams motor sport

Lewis Pinhorn wood artist

Benjamin Williams Leader artist

Harry Edwards spiritual healer

Christine Carpenter anchoress

Sir Adrian Boult music/conductor

Lord Pethwick-Lawrence

Margaret Tarrant artist

Dirk Bogarde actor

Nan Marriott Watson actor



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